Sani Danja  brings out the music Legends (Style-Plus, J. Martins & Chyddy K) after being off music release for a while. When the time is right the music changes, and here is a well perfected song titled #Thumbsup4atiku Theme Song.
With the current situation of the Country, the music legends shows support for Atiku as they massively delivered a stand-out tune to help promote and motivate the youth to vote for the right choice.
We are connecting musicians and dancers to give everyone a bigger, better, more visible platform to express their art. After all, creativity is powerful, but only if it’s shared with others. Dream up your own moves to this theme song of choice #thumbsup4Atiku. Post a video online in a group. And share your talent with thousands of other dancers around the world. Three lucky winner gets a Chance to be on the main video plus fabulous prize.
Listen and share your thoughts. #thumbsup4Atiku.

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